Our leadership

Good People Make Great Companies.

We are always interested in recruiting and retaining talented trucking and shipping professionals from the trucking industry and employing them in key positions throughout our two separate companies. Here’s a sample of our Leadership Team.
  • Caitlin Welby
    Caitlin Welby
    Co-Owner, President & CEO
  • Jim Morse
    Jim Morse
    Chairman of the Board

    Trucking experience since 1969
    RFX since 1988
    800.225.2350 | E-Mail Me

  • Shirley Bellavance
    Shirley Bellavance
    Vice President

    RFX since 1969
    800.225.2350 | E-Mail Me

  • Dave Parker
    Dave Parker
    Director of Sales

    Trucking experience since 1979
    RFX since 1999
    877.739.5623 | E-Mail Me

  • Kevin Wallack
    Kevin Wallack
    Director of Innovation & Technology

    RFX since 2009
    800.225.2350 | E-Mail Me

  • Diana Bellavance
    Diana Bellavance
    Director of Operations

    RFX since 2004
    508.587.0258 | E-Mail Me

  • Stacy McCarthy
    Stacy McCarthy
    Corporate Office Manager

    RFX since 1990
    800.225.2350 | E-Mail Me

  • Monique DeVoe
    Monique DeVoe
    Director of Risk Management

    RFX since 2010
    800.225.2350 | E-Mail Me