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Niche Marketing for New Freight Broker Agents

October 9th, 2014

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk  |  Flickr Creative Commons

One of the biggest challenges that freight broker agents come across in our industry is simply getting started. Where do you begin to find your freight? Where is your customer-base? Many freight agents go off on their own and start their own business after already having the answers to these questions, while others struggle to […]

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Five Avenues for the Spot Freight Marketplace

October 2nd, 2014

Photo Credit: Todd Lappin |  Flickr Creative Commons

The spot freight marketplace is traditionally thought of as a public space where shippers, freight forwarders, freight brokers and motor carriers go to exchange freight services.  Back in the day, Dial-A-Truck was a one-stop shop for logistics providers.  A freight broker agent would make a phone call to Dial-A-Truck and announce an available load.  Motor […]

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Oliver Ohnemus, 2013 Independent Contractor of the Year Visits RFX

September 28th, 2014

Oliver Photo (2)

Refrigerated Food Express’ 2013 Independent Contractor of the Year” award winner Oliver Ohnemus visited our general office for the first time two weeks ago and reminded all of us just how bright and professional he is. He won the award because of his stellar safety record and on time pickup and delivery performance. But while […]

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Why David Fredericksen Should Be a TCA Highway Angel

August 28th, 2014


It has been well documented in recent weeks that David Fredericksen, a truck driver who helped save the lives of a 51 year-old woman and a one year-old baby, is a hero. Fredericksen, along with many other motorists were traveling down the I-10 freeway in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 11th when a driver failed to […]

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Risk Assessment Tips for Freight Brokers

August 22nd, 2014

Photo Credit:  Wasim Muklashy  |  Flickr Creative Commons

One of the challenges that logistics providers face is risk assessment.  In transportation, we know that freight claims are inevitable, but we do everything we can to take preventative measures and understand the pitfalls of a logistics operation.  Particularly with freight brokers, being one step removed from the truck and never touching the freight, assessing […]

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