Avoiding Cargo Theft Over Labor Day Weekend

According to CargoNet, Sunday has the highest rate of cargo theft over Labor Day weekend.  Here is what you can do to protect your cargo.

Keep your freight moving – After picking up a load, make sure to move it away from major transportation hubs where cargo theft is common.  Cargo thieves know where the hot spots are for freight and they will steal a load right out from under a driver the moment the driver stops at the TA for a shower, as an example.  Always keep your freight on the move and away from those hot spots for theft, whenever possible.

Lock & Key – Of course, drivers do need to stop and rest.  When it is time to pull over, dispatchers and truck operators should coordinate a secure lot, truckstop or terminal where the driver and the driver’s equipment can be placed behind a locked gate with the freight secured behind locked trailer doors.  If the the trailer must be dropped, the driver should pin lock the trailer.

Asset Tracking – If possible, fleets should use some type of asset tracking solution on their equipment.  There are many solutions for asset tracking.  RFX uses Skybitz and Thermo King’s telematics solution to track our fleet, but there are plenty of competitors of Skybitz that offer more robust solutions for more money, or really cheap solutions that have limited options.  Protect your already-expensive investments by tracking their every move so that your assets remain YOUR assets.

CargoNet – In 2012, RFX partnered with CargoNet, an organization committed to combating a billion-dollar cargo problem.  CargoNet seeks to prevent theft through awareness and predictive analytics as well as serve as a resource for cargo theft reporting.  Often in cargo theft situations, authorities send us mixed messages regarding jurisdiction.  Which police department do we call?  Our local branch?  The branch closest to the theft?  How long will we have to wait before an official investigation has begun?  This is, after all, a very time-sensitive issue.  CargoNet has partnerships with industry trade organizations and law enforcement.  They serve as a bridge between our industry and the authorities that make a career of tracking down cargo thieves.  CargoNet is a great organization to have in your corner when a load goes missing.  For more information on CargoNet, visit www.cargonet.com