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4 Ways to Conserve Costs When Working as a Truck Driver

April 18th, 2012

Truck drivers are a backbone of today’s economy. Trucking is a long, hard job that involves lots of time spent away from family and friends, and a lot of money spent on fuel, food, and other little expenditures that crop up unexpectedly. Here are some trucking tips to help save money while out trucking.

Pack Your Own Food

The main expense for a truck driver is food. It’s difficult to find healthy, filling, and cheap food while out on the road. Many truckers will take a break at the closest McDonald’s or Wendy’s whenever they are hungry, and may not even realize the amount of money that is spent on eating out overall. Packing your own food is a top moneysaving idea when trucking. Invest in some hardy plastic containers and a portable fridge, and find more money in your pocket instead of in the cash register.

Cook Your Own Food

Being out trucking means leaving behind good home-cooked meals with your family. It is possible, however, to do your own cooking while on the road, which will mean having more money in your pocket at the end of your trip. A small microwave will pay for itself within three weeks. Fruits, vegetables, and bottles of water are much cheaper at a grocery store than at a convenience stop or restaurant. Peanut butter and jelly may not be a gourmet meal, but is a classic staple when in need of a quick bite between trucking stops.

Spend Responsibly

Watch out for impulse spending. Truckers often want to buy some extra comfort for themselves, or little gifts for their families back home. Once in a while, these impulse purchases are fine, but be careful of spending too much while on your trucking route. Keep your spare change in a container that is easy to find. If you are ever in a situation where you need small change, you can then refer to that container instead of breaking down a large bill, which often includes buying something extra to justify breaking down a large bill when only a small amount is needed.

Check Your Weight

This trucking tip refers to ensuring your truck is not carrying too much extra baggage. Excess weight requires extra fuel to help pull it along. With every 1000 pounds of weight removed from a truck, your fuel economy will increase by 0.4%. This may not sound like a lot, but in today’s economy, every little bit counts! Double check your baggage to make sure you are only bringing necessities and not a lot of extra conveniences that will only add weight.

Posted on April 18th, 2012 in Trucking Tips