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Green Technology Making its Way into Trucking

January 9th, 2013

Green Trucking

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Almost everyone is aware of how necessary it is to reduce our carbon footprint. While many people do this in order to save money, others do it in order to ensure that they are doing as little damage as possible to the environment. While it is usually individuals who are more involved in doing their bit for the environment, there are more and more companies who are turning towards eco-friendly trucking or who are committed to assist companies with green trucking practices.

More Plug-In Pedestals at Truck Stops Nationwide

Thanks to Shorepower Technologies, eight more truck stops in theUnited Stateshave been supplied with plug-in power pedestals which will enable truckers who drive trucks with hybrid refrigeration trailers to literally recharge their batteries while enjoying a rest stop. These truck stops are among approximately 50 locations throughout the country that have benefited from the Shorepower Truck Electrification project (STEP). This is because of the fact that there are more and more trucks appearing on the roads that make use of electrical HVAC systems which require charging through an electrical outlet. These power points will enable trucking companies to save substantial amounts of money on fuel.

Green Trucking Takes a Step in the Right Direction

So far, the eight truck stops that have been outfitted with the latest in eco-friendly trucking technology include Dukes Travel Plaza in Texas, Russell’s Truck and Travel in New Mexico, Parma Travel center in Michigan, Little America in Wyoming, Ports to Plains Travel Plaza in Colorado, Pilot Travel Center in California, Eastgate Travel Plaza in Wyoming and Eagle’s Landing in Utah. Each of these stops has multiple plug-in stations and the network of truck stops that offers this form of convenience and green trucking technology is continuing to grow. By offering this service at truck stops, it means that drivers are now at least able to turn the engines off at night while still being able to run refrigerated trailers.

Substantial Fuel Savings for Truckers

By having these electrical power points installed at truck stops, it is estimated that truckers will be able to collectively save around114 000 gallonsof fuel each year. This is because of the fact that in many cases, drivers have to leave engines running in order to operate refrigerated trailers, TV’s or other appliances in their rigs, so by using the electrical points, they are not only able to save substantial amounts of fuel, they are also able to get a much better night’s rest because they will not be bothered by the noise of the truck’s engine all night.

The good news is that this technology will be rolled out at more and more truck stops across the country, so more companies who are committed to eco-friendly trucking will be able to benefit from these power points. With more trucking companies engaging in greener practices, it means that millions of dollars will be saved each year while also successfully reducing their carbon footprint.

Posted on January 9th, 2013 in Trucking Industry