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How to Own a Pet When Living the Life of a Truck Driver

March 30th, 2012

Spending days or weeks driving an over the road truck can be lonely, boring, and bad for the health. Having a pet along while trucking can help alleviate all of these issues, but the safety and well-being of the animal must be your top priority.

Benefits of Having a Pet When Trucking

Animals make great companions, whether at home or on the road. Pets provide companionship and affection, and many truckers say they get much more exercise with a pet then they would without one. Having to stop every few hours to walk the dog will definitely reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure, which is one of the top health issues among truckers. Trucking animals improve their owner’s mood and increase opportunities for social interaction. Security is another benefit of a trucking pet. Potential thieves will think twice about targeting a truck that contains a large dog!

Potential Drawbacks

Food, bedding, a leash, a carrier, and other items are necessary for the animal’s safety and well-being. However, these are items you would be buying for the animal anyway. Animals can be a distraction while trucking, taking the driver’s attention from the road, so it is important to train the animal well to cut down on distractions and misbehavior.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Safety while trucking is an issue that must always be foremost in your mind. Your animal’s physical safety must be provided for by ensuring they have food and water readily available, as well as a place to rest and a litter box. They must also be watched closely to ensure they do not escape the truck and keep their paws away from automatic window switches. They must also be kept away from the driver’s feet. Some animals when scared will huddle near the brake pedal, which has obvious safety implications. Once an animal gets used to trucking, this will be less of an issue, but it must be monitored closely at first. A carrier may be necessary until they learn where they can and cannot go.

Truck Stops and Loading/Unloading

When exiting and entering the truck, care must be taken to ensure the animal doesn’t escape. Put a leash on or put the animal in its carrier before opening the door, and don’t let them loose until they are safely back in the truck and the door is shut. It may be a good idea to get the animal a GPS collar or implant ahead of time, in case of an escape. Some destinations do not allow animals on their property. In this case, keep the animal in a carrier in the truck; or, if there is a driver and a passenger, the passenger can take the animal off the property for the duration of the stop.

Animals have always been wonderful companions, and trucking animals bring their owners health benefits as well as companionship. As long as the proper precautions are taken to ensure the animal’s safety, a trucking pet is a great way to make the life of a trucker better.

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