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Just More Proof That The Trucking Industry Needs Good Truck Drivers

August 9th, 2012

Truck Drivers

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Although some industries are currently suffering from high unemployment rates, this is not the case with the trucking industry. Minnesota, for example, boasts that trucking jobs are especially plentiful in the area according to a recent interview with local trucking instructor, Corky Rollins.  Rollins is an instructor at St. Cloud Technical and Community College who claims that there are plenty of independent contractor jobs for graduates of the school’s 180-hour program.

Supply and Demand

According to Rollins his institution graduated 177 students last year, and all of these students went on to find truck driving jobs in the local area. He claims that even more could benefit by enrolling in similar type of programs to gain necessary experience. There are plenty of open slots available in his training course, but one thing that seems to impede new students from enrolling is the cost. Tuition can run as high as $4,788; however, to keep the big picture in mind, potential students should know that truck drivers have the potential to make between $38,000 and $80,000 annually.


An added advantage of enrolling in a local program similar to the one at St. Cloud Technical and Community College is testing. At the end of the course, most college programs provide an instructor to administer the road test, and often provide a tractor and trailer for students to use during the exam. Passing the exam is crucial to qualify as a driver of a commercial motor vehicle. The ability to take this test on site with the equipment on hand means that graduates are ready with the proper credentials to immediately begin looking for their ideal job.

Success Rate

Rollins claims that 100% of students who graduate from his truck driving program eventually go on to find work in the trucking industry. Many work as company drivers, while others pursue independent contractor jobs and are able to enjoy the luxury of having their own business. This is good news considering that the unemployment rate in the United States currently sits at 8.3% as of July 2012. By enrolling in a truck driving training course, anyone who is suffering from unemployment and is interested in this career field will be able to enjoy the numerous truck driving and independent contractor positions available around the country.

Placement Assistance

One final benefit from attending a truck driver training institution is that the students are able to enjoy the advantage of a career services office. This type of office is able to offer placement assistance to all graduates. This is particularly beneficial for truck drivers because there are enough open positions that drivers have the opportunity to be selective in their career search.  Whether a student is interested in hourly trucking jobs or independent contractor jobs, a career services office is available to help. Many schools often host annual job fairs, and provide computer access, resume, and interview guidance.

There’s no better time to take advantage of the training from a professional truck driving program. Students who enroll now can be on their way to a rewarding job with any number of reputable companies, or they could even become business owners with an independent contractor title. In a time when countless numbers of students are graduating high school and college with no job prospects in sight, it is refreshing to see a career path that leads to a bright and lucrative future.

Posted on August 9th, 2012 in Trucking Industry