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Recent Company Downsizing Creates a Stream of New Truckers on the Road

November 26th, 2012

More Truckers on the Road

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With so many companies closing their doors on an almost daily basis because of a constantly shrinking economy, more and more people find themselves forming part of the ranks of the unemployed. Because of the fact that there are still millions of tons of goods that have to be delivered to various parts of the United States, there is however one industry which is still thriving and will be for a long time to come. That is the trucking and transport industry.

An Attractive Proposition for Young and Old

A point worth noticing is that while many industries these days only attract a younger work force, the trucking industry is attracting applications from many older folk as well. While trucker jobs can be (and usually are) physically demanding, there is no reason why older people who are in good health cannot apply for these jobs. Many drivers report that while they have been unemployed for close to two years and applied for well over a hundred posts in other industries without success, they stand a 90% or higher chance of being hired for one of the many available trucker jobs throughout the US.

A High Turnout from the White Collar Industry

What is rather remarkable is the fact that many people who were once white collar workers are now the ones who are turning towards the trucking industry to keep food on the table for themselves and their families. Business owners who have been affected by the downsizing economy have resorted to signing up at various truck driving schools across the country in the hopes of securing one of many trucker jobs that are usually available for those who pass the course. An added advantage of having a trucker job is the fact that drivers get to see parts of the United States that they would previously not have been able to see.

Training is Required

While a training course is required before a person is allowed to drive one of these big rigs, various CDL training courses are offered throughout the country with flexible schedules.  For example, just down the street from RFX Avon, MA headquarters is Parker Driving School which offers training in many types of commercial vehicles and flexible financing plans, including pay-as-you-go plans.   Many drivers report that after just four weeks of training, they feel ready and confident to pass their truck driving tests at their local DMV. Although the training courses can cost in the region of around $4000, many drivers claim that it is definitely a worthwhile expenditure because it means that they can continue to earn a living for their families, even though a large percentage of their time is spent on the road.

Trucker jobs are not the ideal position for everyone. Those who want to drive rigs should ensure that they are in good health beforehand in order to minimize the risk of physical injury on the job.

Posted on November 26th, 2012 in Trucking Industry