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Six Things Successful Independent Sales Agents Do Daily

August 2nd, 2013

As the Transportation marketplace continues to evolve and develop the motivated & successful agent is at the forefront and sees changes as an opportunity and will leverage their expertise, while positioning themselves as a consultant to both shippers and service providers alike. Below are six things successful agents do better:

• Become an industry Expert

Successful Agents spend time learning about their industry. There have been numerous legislative & policy changes in the past few months and there will be more in the near future. Successful agents stay on top of industry changes and use their knowledge to educate both shipper and provider alike. They become an invaluable resource, keeping their customers up to date with market trends and providing credible supply chain solutions in a fluid market.

• Stay on Top of Technology

Technology is constantly changing and the exceptional Agent welcomes such changes and utilizes all the technological tools at their disposal. They have a deep understanding of multiple Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and use their expertise to keep customers abreast of the entire process from planning to delivery.

• Plan Ahead

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitments to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”- Paul Meyer. The successful agent works to develop a definitive plan and creates clear expectations for clients, while collaborating together to make sure the objective is achieved.

• Treat Service Providers As Customers

The Successful Agent knows they are only as good as their service providers. All the industry knowledge, technology, & planning becomes mute when an agent neglects to properly manage/build relationships with service providers. Agents & brokers have received a black eye over the years (much of it deserved & self-inflicted) but the successful agent realizes their success is only achieved when there is great trust. Mutual respect and empathy go a long way in developing solid bonds and the successful agent advocates as strongly (or more so) for their service providers as they do for their clients.

• Offer Accountability

Let’s face it, in transportation there are bound to be service failures, breakdowns in communication, and a myriad of other Issues. Successful agents are accountable and take full responsibility for anything that happens under their watch and supervision. They take note of any failure then implement corrective measures to assure that one time occurrences don’t become ongoing problems.

• Communication Is King

Whether it’s knowing all the details of their over-dimensional Haz-Mat load, product specs, required placards, how it’s loaded, or even clarifying state driving restrictions, the seasoned agent communicates all pertinent information to service providers and makes sure they have more than enough information to accomplish the task at hand. They are empathetic to both the customers and providers needs and are constantly communicating. They know the right questions to ask, are great problem solvers and they take the time to listen to the needs of all parties involved to maintain the best possible supply chain.

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