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Truck Driver Demographic Changing as More Women Hit the Roads

October 10th, 2012

Women Truck Drivers

Image Source: Kimt Channel 3

A recent report published online by a local Iowa television station discusses how the trucking industry is currently undergoing a slight change-up as more women are taking to the roads alongside their husbands.

Commercial Trucking License

The television station states that more and more women are now getting their commercial driver’s license, which is changing the demographic of the trucking industry. Not only is truck driving no longer just a solo operation, but it’s no longer considered a man’s job either. Instead, many husband and wife teams are joining forces to take on the world, one highway at a time. This tag team approach to the job offers numerous benefits for the couples, including being able to spend more time together and sharing in each traveling experience. Having a duo to operate the truck can also help to make long hauls much less tedious, boring and tiring. Each driver now has the ability to alternate with their companion. They can take turns operating the truck which means more drive-able hours and a lesser chance that either will succumb to fatigue.

Women on the Road

This Iowa report also states that one local trucking company currently has three different husband and wife teams working for them. All of these teams drive their routes from Minneapolis to Dallas, Texas. The Director of Operations for the company has stated “At that point in time, they are just excited to be out and moving around. And it’s not so much as a job per say for them as it is a lifestyle that they are now living in.”

Women’s Changing Roles

It has been said that these middle aged women are now joining the trucking industry because their kids have move out of the house and this is a favorable alternative to becoming an empty nester. At this point in their lives there nothing left “holding them back.” Many women give up or alter their careers to raise children and take care of the home. Once the children are grown and are on their own, many of these same women come to find that their entire lives are drastically different and it leaves them wanting more. It is this demographic of women who are now hopping in their husband’s truck to make the transition from homemaker to hauling freight.

Emerging Trend

This trend potentially offers just as many benefits for the industry itself as it does for the couple itself. Having a second driver aboard can help prevent drivers from becoming overtired and may help to increase their levels of health and safety while hauling loads. Only time will tell what the results of this emerging trend will be, but one thing is possible – marriages will be made stronger as couples get to experience more time together. One of the major hardships of being an over-the-road trucker is that so much time is spent away from their family. If their spouse is now working with them it takes away that hardship while filling a much needed position for an industry that can use as many workers as it can get.

The truck driving industry has undergone some interesting changes recently, and one of the most surprising is the upward trend of couples choosing to work together by co-driving commercial trucks for a living. As our population ages, more and more women will presumably have the time and lifestyle to re-enter the workforce and perhaps spend more time with their husbands. It will hopefully be a win for that family, and it will certainly be a win for the industry.

Posted on October 10th, 2012 in Trucking Industry