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RFX Launches New Company Trucking Blog

March 2nd, 2012

In a digital world where search engines rule and phone books drool, RFX has recently launched a new company blog dedicated towards providing trucking tips & news, RFX company news and a variety of other trucking related news items on a consistent basis.

RFX realizes that in the busy world of digital marketing a company voice through a dedicated blog is an important marketing & branding step. As new generations of truck drivers start hitting the road having a go to source for relevant trucking information and content is crucial in keeping up with the latest and greatest trucking trends.

RFX’s new company blog is designed to create a digital voice for Refrigerated Food Express Inc., the 60 year old trucking company, and RFX Inc., the 25 year old transportation broker. Traditionally trucking is an industry that did not require a tremendous amount of online activity but as time goes on and the web becomes more and more powerful for not just the trucking industry but the entire transportation industry. RFX knows the importance of online discussion and communication which is why this initiative has become such an important step.

Some of the topics that the blog will cover:

  • News items
  • Helpful trucking industry tips for truck drivers
  • Trucking related videos
  • Up-to-date trucking industry news related items

As time goes on RFX plans on carrying out much more in-depth trucking related news to their new company trucking blog. The RFX Companies has become a leader in the supply chain industry and continues to spread their wings in the digital landscape. As long as consumers purchase products and businesses requiring goods to be shipped, the transportation industry will continue to grow and prosper. With that growth will come the need for information to be available on the fly which is one of the target reasons for RFX launching their new company blog.

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