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Trucking Will Grow Well Into the Future

August 23rd, 2012

Trucking Growth

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The trucking industry has historically been able to weather most of the economic storms of the last 50 years due to increasing commercial transportation demands from industries all over the world. Even in today’s troubled economic times, job opportunities for truck drivers are plentiful.  Regardless of the country’s economic health, consumers will always require certain necessities such as food to be hauled and transported to their local grocery store. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics employment in transportation is expected to increase by 20% through the year 2020, having added about 853,000 total jobs by then.

Big Business Is Growing Despite Economic Woes

Commercial transportation has become vital to nearly every major industry in the country. Franchising opportunities, new markets, and business expansions have raised the demand for commercial transportation providers, brokerages, and truck drivers exponentially. While many companies are downsizing and reducing costs due to the economy, companies like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and Tyson are using expansion as a way to leverage against increasing inflation. This expansion has created a higher demand for the quick delivery of products to new markets and locations.

Exporting Has Become Big Business

In the last 20 years, China, like many other Asian countries, has experienced unprecedented economic growth. The demand for American made products and materials in these countries has also increased significantly. Maritime transport is the most cost effective solution for delivering these products, and commercial truck drivers are benefitting from the demand to get the required products to west coast ports for shipping. This shift in importing and exporting has helped increase the percentage of new truck driving jobs.

Truck Driving Education Is Growing

Truck driving positions are currently one of the most widely available positions in the American job market. Due to this demand, more and more people are enrolling in truck driving schools to obtain their CDL. Many community colleges now offer comprehensive truck driving courses to help feed the demand for this occupation. Over 75,000 new truck drivers are hitting the road every year. With the increase of demand for CDL holders, it is estimate by the U.S Department of Transportation that in 2011, more commercial driver’s licenses were issued than in any other year in American history, and these numbers are expected to further increase in 2012.

Changes within the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry itself is evolving to meet the increased demands of businesses. Commercial trucking companies are expanding at a high rate, not only in spite of increasing economic difficulties, but because of them. One of the biggest decisions for a commercial driver is whether they will work for a transportation company as a hired driver or take the leap and become an independent contractor. With investment capital funds becoming harder to come by, an increasing number of drivers are working directly for transportation companies, which lowers overall commercial trucking costs for customers and increases the volume of trucking jobs.

Jobs in nearly every industry are becoming more competitive as companies attempt to reduce personnel costs; however, truck driving opportunities are more plentiful than ever before. Commercial transportation has become more and more popular among jobseekers due to the availability of positions and the unique nature of the job. According to a report from the American Trucking Associations, this upward trend is expected to continue into 2023.

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