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Why David Fredericksen Should Be a TCA Highway Angel

August 28th, 2014


DashCam Video Catches Car Wreck, Fredericksen and others Save Lives

It has been well documented in recent weeks that David Fredericksen, a truck driver who helped save the lives of a 51 year-old woman and a one year-old baby, is a hero.

Fredericksen, along with many other motorists were traveling down the I-10 freeway in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 11th when a driver failed to merge onto the highway, striking a tanker truck that burst into flames.  Fredericksen was the first motorist to respond to the scene by exiting his tractor, retrieving his fire extinguisher and rushing to the vehicle. As he was minimizing the flames in the trunk of the vehicle, he noticed the woman kicking at the door.  David noticed a little girl in the back seat, whom he grabbed and pulled over to the side of the freeway as David’s driving partner, Walter Letterman and other samaritans pulled the woman from the vehicle.  Both the woman and the child survived with only minor injuries.

Of course, this being 2014, all of this was caught on Fredericksen’s dashboard camera. Fredericksen’s son uploaded the video to YouTube for the world to see.  To date, the video (which we should mention, shows the incorrect date and time) has been seen by over 2 million viewers on YouTube and even more watched on their TV with national coverage from Good Morning America.

David’s son was quoted saying:

“Thankfully my father had the presence of mind, bravery, and forethought of carrying a fire extinguisher, to be the first person on scene to risk his own life in order to possibly save another and to inspire others and lead them into taking action. Everyone involved in the rescue effort is a hero in my books. The police and fire department responded within minutes of the accident and also deserve praise.

Remember to treat truck drivers well as they are often the first responders in automobile accidents.”

 That last line especially resonated with us, so we’ll say it again:

“Remember to treat truck drivers well as they are often the first responders in automobile accidents.”

We don’t see these stories of bravery enough in our industry.  Stories where the truck drivers that keep our supply chains, our economy and our nation moving are hailed as heroes.  We don’t know David, but he seemed like such a humble guy in the news footage that aired this month.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.  David Fredericksen truly IS a hero.

Over the last few years, the Truckload Carriers Association has been hosting a campaign that brings to light and honors truck operators such as David.  The TCA calls this program Highway Angel.  Previously nominated Highway Angels have similar stories to David.  An accident, a fire, the extinguishing of flames, the saving of lives, the humbled response when asked about the experience in the news.  Mr. Fredericksen holds all of the qualities of a TCA Highway Angel.  Let’s pay tribute to David Fredericksen, the humble hero.

To nominate David Fredericksen, or any truck driver for the Highway Angel program, fill out the nomination form.

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