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Why Trucking Opportunities can be Great for Jobless Veterans Returning Home

September 20th, 2012

War Veteran Opportunities

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Each year, thousands of military veterans return home to the US after fighting on foreign soil for the good of their country. Despite the fact that they have performed the ultimate service for this country, they are unfortunately returning home to find high unemployment rates and few job fields that are currently hiring. With many industries handing out employment offers only to those with extensive relevant experience, one promising opportunity for veterans is to explore employment as a truck driver which happen to be a field which is currently booming and actively hiring.

A Wide Variety of Trucking Jobs Available

It is not unusual for veterans to arrive back home without any employment prospects. However, recent years have shown an increase in trucking opportunities available to CDL-holders who are in good health and willing to work long hours away from home while. Virtually every industry requires trucks to transport related goods and commodities. While many truck drivers work irregular hours, there are opportunities available that put drivers on the road during regular business hours as well. Because many veterans are highly disciplined individuals, working as a truck driver would likely be a seamless transition into a position where that discipline is necessary for keeping tight delivery schedules.

Most Trucking Opportunities are Ideal for Veterans

It takes a certain type of person to drive a commercial vehicle such as a tractor trailer. These types of over-the-road positions are usually ideal for individuals who are alert and who are able to take preventative action in order to protect their load as well as themselves in case of an emergency. Not only are veterans highly disciplined, but the training they have received while in combat will help enable them to foresee all possible hazards and risks along the road. The skills and training that all military personnel receive during their service would transfer well into the skills that every successful and seasoned truck driver has gained over the years.

An Opportunity to Tour the Country

Because many veterans have traveled overseas and have seen foreign lands, becoming a truck driver would afford them the opportunity to see different and new domestic areas in the United States. Due to the constraints of the job, drivers do not usually have the time to stop and enjoy their new surroundings for very long. However, oftentimes they are able to stop for long enough to enjoy a quick meal and meet a few new people at the same time. Many drivers have usual routes that they become familiar with and have their favorite stops along the way. This gives them the opportunity to network and become friendly with fellow truckers which can be an invaluable benefit in their new career.

One of the first things a veteran should do to become a truck driver is to obtain a CDL license, if they do not already have one. They can then approach local employment agencies or trucking companies to inquire about training or any available positions to get started on their new career path. 

Posted on September 20th, 2012 in Trucking Industry