Transparent Trucks: Saving Lives With Samsung Technology

Leave it to a company as innovative as Samsung to create a piece of technology that is saving lives in Argentina — a country where one person dies in a traffic accident every hour.  The country’s one-lane highways invite frequent passing into head-on traffic. In a 2-minute promotional video, Samsung introduced a new technology that aims to minimize vehicular accidents and loss of life by making the road more visible to passing motorists.  Equipped with a camera mounted on the tractor and four outdoor monitors on the rear of the trailer, Samsung’s “Safety Truck” is an obvious solution that begs the question “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”

Looking closely at the video, we can see that the rear of the trailer appears to be permanently closed with access to the inside of the trailer available through the curtain siding. This type of setup poses a problem for many dry van and reefer motor carriers who need access to the back doors. Regardless, Samsung is still inspiring others to further this technology and create solutions for all types of commercial vehicle equipment.

The Safety Truck was introduced by Samsung in a promotional video earlier this summer and has been viewed nearly 2-million times since June. See the video for yourself…